Vote Carrie Buck

For State Senate

Experienced educator.
Committed conservative.
Determined difference maker.

Experienced Educator

Carrie Buck began her professional career as a teacher and worked her way up to serving as principal, where she took control of the situation at C.T. Sewell Elementary School and turned things completely around. Thanks to her leadership and expertise, C.T. Sewell Elementary became a five-star school and a model for other schools in Southern Nevada.

Committed Conservative

Carrie Buck is endorsed by Governor Joe Lombardo as a trusted leader who can help lead the fight for our shared conservative values and a stronger, better Nevada.

Determined Difference Maker

Carrie Buck has already made a difference in the lives of many and is committed to doing even more:

  • Supporting teachers, increasing accountability, setting high standards, and ensuring our kids receive the quality education they deserve
  • Defending taxpayers and small businesses and demanding fiscal accountability from government
  • Backing law enforcement, providing the tools and support first responders need, and working together to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe
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