The Future of Nevada Looks Bright With

David Brog

Bringing Accountability to Our Schools
Standing up for Law Enforcement
Bringing Accountability to Carson City

David Brog

Tuesday, November 5th

David Brog is a husband, a father, and a proud Nevada leader. He's bringing much-needed experience to the table. David worked in the U.S. Senate as Chief of Staff to Senator Arlen Specter and was Staff Director of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

David Brog has earned Governor Joe Lombardo's endorsement.

As our voice in the Assembly, David will provide a better future for our children. He supports expanding school choice so everyone can access the best education possible.

  • Holding School Districts Accountable
  • Strengthening the Read by Grade 3 Program
  • Protecting Parental Rights in the Classroom

David Brog is ready to help us all feel more secure at home.

As a father, David knows how important it is to keep criminals behind bars. He will fight against the Democrats who have raised the threshold for “smash-and-grab” crimes and let the police do their jobs.

  • Cracking Down on Fentanyl
  • Cleaning Up Our Streets
  • Fighting Against Radical Policies

David Brog will bring true accountability to Carson City.

We deserve leaders who lead with the values that we share. David has been fighting for ethics laws and policies that will stop the state legislature from hiding things from us. David Brog is intent on securing our elections.

  • Require voter ID
  • Enact open records and open meeting laws
  • End Carson City's culture of corruption