John Steinbeck

A Servant Leader. A Dedicated Voice. A Trusted Conservative.

Governor Lombardo Endorsed
Photo of John Steinbeck in blue polo shirt with arms crossed.

A Trusted Conservative

John knows that our families deserve to keep more of what they earn. That’s why Governor Joe Lombardo trusts him with the future of Nevada. John will ensure that new businesses aren’t burdened by unnecessary red tape while providing our workers with the resources and education they need.

Photo of John Steinbeck in blue polo shirt talking with someone,

An Advocate for Education

John knows we have a long way to go to give Nevada families access to high-quality education. He is committed to providing parents and students more options in education. John also believes that our schools need safety and discipline reforms, like those signed into law by Governor Lombardo, to protect our teachers and students in the classroom.

Photo of John Steinbeck in blue dress shirt with arms crossed.

A Servant Leader

John Steinbeck has always worked for the betterment of our community. From his experience with the Clark County Fire Department to his hard work creating the Family Assistance Center and the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, John has worked to protect Nevadans every day.

Photo of John Steinbeck in blue polo shirt talking with a worker.

A Dedicated Voice

John has a strong belief in standing up for others and keeping them safe. During his career, John has successfully developed responses to acts that would put us in jeopardy. As a State Senator, John will always back the blue, support our court systems, and bolster our prison system.

Served at Every Level of the Fire Department, Including Fire Chief

Served as the Emergency Manager for Clark County

Served as Incident Commander at the Family Assistance Center & Coordinated Efforts at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center After the Shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival

Aided in Search and Rescue Missions After 9/11 & Hurricane Katrina

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