Advocating for Nevada’s Students, Families, and Safety

Lori Rogich fights for what she believes in.

After the Clark County School District failed to help her child with learning disabilities, she fought back and won in federal court. Now, she’s fighting to better our education system, crack down on rampant crime, and increase accountability in our government.

Lori Rogich will advocate for Nevada students.

Every Nevada child deserves a high-quality education. Lori will prioritize our children’s futures, expand school choice, and hold school districts accountable. She fought CCSD for seven years to establish a legal precedent for holding educational institutions accountable. She will support student-focused programs, like Read by Grade 3, that go above and beyond to set students up for success. She will ensure Nevada students have access to the best education possible.

Lori Rogich will crack down on dangerous crimes.

One of the most important functions of our government is to serve and protect the people of Nevada. Lately, Democrats have made it easier and easier to get away with crime. Lori Rogich will support our police, crack down on fentanyl dealers, and enact tougher consequences for “smash-and-grab” criminals.

Lori Rogich will fight for accountability in Carson City.

Lori is endorsed by Governor Lombardo because she is a trusted conservative who will work hard to create a stronger Nevada. She will work to end the culture of corruption in Carson by enacting new open records and open meeting laws, and ensuring the state legislature is transparent with all their actions. Lori believes that requiring voter ID will make our elections more secure and restore faith in our government.

Lori Rogich
For State Senate District 11
Tuesday, November 5th
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